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At Sourcing Spectrum we believe in the power of trust in business so we greatly cherish our reputation. We realize that the only way we can develop and grow is by adding real value to clients' business and win their trust with integrity. Many of our new clients were refered to us by our clients who were so
satisfied that they don't hestitate to help us grow. However many other new clients like you come to us via a list of search engine. In this case, you can read through the following testimonials sent to us from some of our many satisfied clients.

The team at Sourcing Spectrum is a valuable partner and critical in our plans for building cost efficient valuable products in China. They have helped us over the past couple of years in a number of ways and we have great confidence in our ability to be successful with the team at Sourcing Spectrum. From travel plans to sourcing vendors and product development related services, Sourcing Spectrum has been able to deliver.

Mr. Clark

Category: Homeware

We helped the client to develop the product from a concept and continously manage the production, assembly and deliery.

Es un gran placer saludarles y recibir noticias suyas.

Siempre son tan atinados en sus comentarios y puntos de vista que confirman lo que uno considera en primer instancia.

Agradezco sinceramente su valioso apoyo y capacidad para guardar con discreción todo lo que comentamos y lo que saben de nosotros. Me agrada saber de que hablan hasta los codos con un servidor. Hay una gran confianza entre nosotros y creo que en la oportunidad que tuvimos en China de tratarnos, independientemente de la distancia a la que nos encontramos ahora, ha sido fructífera y nos ha permitido conocernos y saber que podemos partir de la confianza y profesionalismo.

Para concluir, nuevamente agradezco el profesionalismo con que se desenvuelven y nos apoyan; gracias por brindarnos su confianza y amistad y continuamos en comunicación.


It's a great pleasure to say hello and to hear from you.

You're always so wise in your comments and views, which always confirm what we think and feel firstly.

I sincerely appreciate your valuable support and your carefulness in protecting our information properly. I am grateful to know that, with us, you are comfortable expressing your thoughts without hesitation. Although geographically we are far away one from the other, there is a deep trust between us, developed during our stay in China and after knowing each other, we know that we can start working together with mutual trust and professionally.

To conclude, again I'd like to thank you for your professionalism. We appreciate your trust and treating us so friendly. Let's stay in close contact.

Oscar Ruiz

Category: Construction Materials, LED Street Lights

With our assistance, the client found a leading manufacturer of Solar LED Street Lights and negotiated a project to deliver 1,350 full sets to his country.

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