From our extensive database developed over the years, we locate the right source, not only best in class but also handpicked for your scale and preferences. THE RIGHT SOURCES
We put you back in control although you are half a globe away from your source by making the supply chain visible and manageable throughout the whole process. IN CONTROL
Successful delivery is our goal for every project. From sourcing, order management, quality control, to shipping, we ensure the expected outcome our clients paid for. DELIVERY IS EVERYTHING
Sourcing Solutions

Identifying Sources

There is much more uncertainty in sourcing from abroad than home. Often people rely more on chances than they do when they are dealing with domestic sources. We carefully listen to you and understand your needs before we start to leverage the networking, database and tools we have to locate the right sources. With us involved, you no longer need to worry about fraudulence or misleading information.


Negotiating for a complex project with a Chinese supplier could be a challenging task for many people, given the language barrier, timezone and different perspectives of understanding. Our experienced manager, who have been tasked for the same issue many times, can surely help you in concluding competitive terms and conditions.

Supply Management

Selecting a supplier, placing the order and making the payment are not all the work required for successful outcomes. Continuous communication and management are very important for a successful operation, espcially when there are more than one suppliers. Our experienced managers help you to make sure that the product requirements are clearly communicated, the production is properly planned, the plan is followed without delay, problems which come out in the process are solved, progress is documented and reported. In other words, we put you back to control as if you were dealing with a supplier next door.

Product Development

Sourcing Spectrum can help you put together an effective strategy to develop your new concept product in China. We are experienced with product development involving plastics, glass, porcelain, stainless, copper, textile, bamboo, paper packaging, printing etc. No matter your product is in concepting stage or prototype stage, we are your best partner to turn it into mass production reality.


Finally, a single point of contact who manages all the logistics with multiple suppliers.


There is an untold worry that every overseas buyers would have, what if the whole shipment is found to be defective when it arrives to the warehouse from half a globe away? The answer to this daunting worry is that quality must be assured in every step of the order. The most quality aware supplier should be used, the expectation of quality should be adequately communicated, the quality must be supervised during the production, there should be a preshipment inspection. Sourcing Spectrum implements the safest quality procedures.

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